Intelligent Delivery Management

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How WooDelivery Simply Works?

Task Creation

  • Dashboard – single task creation/bulk upload
    Create single or multiple tasks in one go through WooDelivery admin dashboard.
  • Custom booking forms
    Online booking forms allow your staff or customers to create tasks without logging into the WooDelivery system. You can build your own forms and share form links with your staff or customers to get new tasks created. You can embed these forms into your website for your customers to create new tasks.
  • Mobile Apps
    Tasks can also be created on the WooDelivery merchant/customer app & manager app available on both Android & iOS.
  • Ordering platforms/POS/API
    Integrate your 3rd party websites, e-commerce system and custom app with WooDelivery and set your business on autopilot model. 

Task Assignment

  • Automated task assignment
    Save your dispatch operator’s time by auto-assigning newly created delivery tasks to your drivers closest to the delivery or the 1st driver who accepts it.
  • Manual assignment
    You can manually assign new tasks to your available drivers to meet your deliveries constructively.
  • Route planner & optimisation
    Route optimization engine considers time, location, capacity and traffic to produce the most efficient routing solutions. It can find the best route between delivery destinations.
  • Geo-fencing
    This feature allows you to draw your own area over the map and assign drivers to that region. It solves the zoning issues and helps if you want to limit the tasks that are being sent to the drivers limited zone wise.
  • Task Self-Assignment
    Drivers can browse the unassigned tasks on their mobile app, and assign any of unassigned tasks to themselves.
  • Scan To Assign
    Drivers can scan a QR code /barcode to get tasks assigned to them via mobile app. Multiple tasks with same barcode can be assigned at once.

Task Execution

  • Automated Notification
    Keep your customers in-the-know by giving them live tracking maps, ETAs, and customized Email or SMS alerts at every stage of delivery.
  • Real-time Driver & Task Tracking
    Your operations team can track the driver’s locations through our interactive dashboard map. The tracking page for your customers will show the drivers ETA, GPS position on map.
  • Load vehicle
    Driver can scan barcodes to load packages one-by-one to his vehicle before start delivery/prickup work. It prevent packages from getting missing before go out for delivery.
  • In-app route planner & optimization
    Your drivers can drag-and-drop delivery tasks into a different order or use Optimize Route button to automatically calculate the best route. Easily add, delete or re-optimize multiple stops while on your route.
  • Proof of delivery
    Drivers can collect proof of delivery by adding signature, photos, notes, and barcodes to the delivery job which also logs the drivers GPS coordinates.
  • Cash on delivery
    Cash on Delivery (COD) feature allows your drivers to collect the payment of goods upon delivery.
  • Anonymous Communication
    Anonymize all communications between driver to customers. The phone numbers of two parties will be masked and anonymized to protect their personal phone numbers private.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Feedback and rating
    Collecting customers’ feedback has to be an integral part of your business process. Upon task completion feedback collected are instantly synced to the dashboard.
  • Driver Earnings
    Define and customize the driver earning calculation formula. Managers will see driver earning reports on dashboard, and drivers will see their daily earnings on mobile app.
  • Time and distance based efficiency
    Track distance traveled and time spent on each task, and get efficiency reports of your drivers on the dashboard based on Time and Distance.
  • Heatmap
    Heat Map is used to determine which areas or zones are generating the most amount of orders. It enables users to identify which neighborhoods are generating the most amount of orders. This way, they can optimize and allocate resources based on the number of orders.
  • Dashboard Analytics
    It allows organization administrators and dispatchers to view historical task and driver data in actionable graphics.Task analytics are broken up into some key metrics such as completion rate (succeeded or failed), delay time and service time.

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