WooDelivery for Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business

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From laundry service booking to laundry pickup & drop-off, WooDelivery automates booking management, job dispatch, live GPS tracking, predictive ETA to scale your laundry and dry cleaning delivery runs and satisfy your customers every time.
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Key Benefits of Using WooDelivery for Laundry Business

Let you build a customized online booking form to fit your exact needs in minutes. You can embed forms into your website or share the direct form link with your customers to book laundry pickup & drop-off.
Save your dispatch operator’s time by auto-assigning newly created booking tasks to your agents closest to the work place or the 1st agent who accepts it.
Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the dynamic ETA feature will give you more accurate the estimated time of arrival. Your customer is more likely to be at home when they know exactly when their work will be commenced.
Define and customize the agent earning calculation formula. Managers will see agent earning reports on dashboard, and agents will see their daily earnings on mobile app.
Don’t keep your customers waiting for their work. Instead, send your customers a tracking link by email or SMS and it will show the drivers ETA, GPS position on a map view.
Agents can capture a record of job completion by adding signature, photos, notes, and barcodes to the job from a smartphone which also logs the agents GPS coordinates.
Build work routes that best suit the business requirements, or just let the system to automatically calculate the best routes. That’s a lot of flexibility and can increase your business’ productivity.
Enable automated notifications to keep your customers updated with real-time email and SMS notifications at every stage of work. Set up webhook notifications to update the order status on your booking system.
Create and manage your agents’ work schedule and employee roster according to their availability. Work schedules can be defined on a week to week basis.
Collecting customers’ feedback has to be an integral part of your business process. Upon task completion feedback collected are instantly synced to the dashboard.
Business Interfaces

WooDelivery sets new standard for laundry & dry cleaning management

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Driver/Agent App

Using the driver/agent app allows your team members to receive their tasks or deliveries for the day. When the work is completed, drivers can record of completion of work via photo, signature or barcode.

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Manager Dashboard & App

The control center for your entire business operation where you can track all of your tasks in real-time, giving your dispatcher and fulfillment team a clear picture of your entire business operation.

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Merchant Portal & App

Merchant is a seller, service provider or customer on your business. Merchant has access only to the merchant portal and app where he can dispatch and track his own deliveries for the store.

Why WooDelivery is the ultimate choice for your business?

  • Scalability: Embrace scalability with our innovative pay-per-use model. Enjoy a subscription price as low as $26 per month or an affordable $0.04 per delivery.
  • Customization: Unleash your creativity with over 50 complimentary add-ons and extensions. Customize your user interface, forms, and task templates to suit your unique needs.
  • Innovation: Stay at the forefront of the logistics industry with WooDelivery’s technology-first approach. Benefit from cutting-edge apps and a wealth of innovative solutions.
  • Brand Identity: Elevate your brand with WooDelivery. Delight your customers with a branded experience when you choose our Professional plan, or go the extra mile with complete white labeling on our Enterprise plan.

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