Fleet Vehicle Management for Corporates

Vehicles are the heart of logistics management. WooDelivery helps you save real money by making your business more efficient with our easy-to-use vehicle management solutions. It allows your team to manage and track everything with your vehicles, assign vehicles to your drivers easily, set reminders for service and registration renew, manage issues and defects, track odometer logs, fuel usage, on-road expenses, complete pre-delivery inspections and more.
Better productivity and maintenance visibility for vehicle and fleet

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Key Features

  • Vehicle assignments & scheduling
    Assign a vehicle to a driver so that you know who is currently responsible for a vehicle. When assigned, the driver can manage the vehicle on the Driver App, including meter entry, fuel entry, on-road expense entry, report issue and submit vehicle inspections.
  • Safety inspection & checklist
    Manage and track the inspections process end-to-end. Drivers can conduct pre-delivery inspections, submit photos and add comments all from mobile devices. You can create custom inspection forms and manage reported defects electronically.
  • Service & maintenance reminders
    Vehicle Reminders are designed to help you keep your vehicles current on various non-maintenance activities such as registration, insurance, service and more.
  • Issues & defects management
    Empower your team to report vehicle defects on the spot, helping you to address problems before they seriously affect day-to-day operations. It helps you track problems and defects with vehicles and resolve them quickly, and streamlines your workflows and ensure your vehicles stay road-ready.

  • Odometer log book
    Keeping the meter readings (miles and kilometres) for your vehicles current and up to date with their actual meter value is key to manage your vehicles. It also ensures that Service Reminder notifications are received on time.
  • Fuel log book
    Fuel entry represent a fuel transaction in vehicle management, containing all the relevant information for the fuel-up. Fuel entries can be added manually using Driver App or Manager App. You will need to enter odometer, fuel volume, total amount, and photo proof for a fuel transaction.
  • On-road expense tracking
    Add, view, and edit expenses related to your vehicles in a centralized location. Track any on-road cost and administrative expense and easily identify where you’re spending too much and gain insight to where you can reduce costs. You can add a new Expense entry such as toll and parking fee from the Admin Dashboard, Driver App and Manager App.

Manage your fleet vehicle from anywhere

Mobile Apps

With WooDelivery mobile apps, you can get instant access to assigned vehicle and equipment in real time no matter where your day takes you. Drivers only have access to the data relevant to them, helping them stay on task and on top of their assigned vehicle. Fleet managers can access all assets in their team, removing bottlenecks and keeping fleet vehicle maintenance processes running efficiently.
  • Asset details
  • Vehicle assignments
  • Issue reporting & notifications
  • Service reminders
  • Inspections & checklist
  • Fuel entries
  • Odometer entries
  • On-road expense entries
  • Asset barcode scanning
  • Documents, comments & photos
  • Automated location log
  • Offline data sync

Schedule Inspections & Automate Failure Workflows

Vehicle Inspection & Safety Checklist

WooDelivery offers an intuitive solution to help you manage and track the inspections process end-to-end, inspect vehicles, trailers, equipment, or anything you like. Keep your operation compliant and your personnel responsible for their actions in real-time.
  • Custom form builder
  • Specialized form templates
  • Flexible field types
  • Compliance management
  • Driver instructions
  • Offline mobile access
  • Driver instructions
  • Upload photos and comments
  • Sign-off sheet
  • GPS location tracking
  • Dashboard & reporting
  • Defect management