Release Notes

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March 2024

We are dedicated to continuously improving our platform to provide you with the best experience possible. This month, we’re thrilled to unveil the latest updates and features designed to streamline your operations and enhance functionality. Join us as we delve into the details of how these enhancements will make WooDelivery even more effective for you.

1. New Approach for Sending ETAs to Customers

We’re excited to announce the new feature that allows you to send bulk ETA update emails to your customers effortlessly. Once you’ve created optimized routes and assigned tasks to drivers, you can now send ETA updates for a delivery route to all your customers at once. The modern email template comprises a customizable message section at the top and a sleek ETA widget with a tracking link at the bottom of the email body.

Additionally, you can still set up automated email notifications to send tracking links and ETAs to your customers. This new method of sending ETAs provides you with more flexible control, allowing you to send the ETA at any desired time. For instance, you can send ETAs to all customers in the morning before your team begins deliveries.

2. New Task Time Window Customization

In our recent updates, we’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to customize the time window on the task form. By default, both “Complete After” and “Complete Before” times are displayed for each task, helping you define the available time window for a job. For instance, you can set a “Complete After” time to schedule when new task requests are automatically dispatched to your drivers.

Recognizing that this time window setup may be complex for some businesses, we’ve added more options for customization. You now have the ability to hide the “Complete After” time and only display the “Complete Before” date and time on the task form.

Furthermore, we understand that delivery time may not be necessary for certain businesses. As a result, you can choose to hide the time section on the task form, simplifying the task creation process by only requiring users to select a date for delivery. This enhancement aims to streamline task management and accommodate varying business needs effectively.

3. Send Delivery Docket to Your Customers

Delivery docket is a PDF document that contains the task information and proof of delivery photos and notes. Now, we have make it incredibly easy for your customers to access and download delivery docket PDF files. On the customer tracking page, you have the option to enable customers to download the delivery docket and proof of delivery PDF document as soon as a task is completed.

Furthermore, you can include the delivery docket and proof of delivery download link directly in the customer email notifications. For instance, you can set up an email notification to automatically send an email to your customer once a task is completed, containing the link to download the delivery docket and proof of delivery PDF files. This streamlined process ensures that your customers have quick and convenient access to important task information and documentation.

4. New Customer Invoicing & Merchant Billing Module

We are thrilled to announce that our new customer invoicing and merchant billing module is on its way! This upcoming module will enable you to effortlessly create and send invoices to your merchants and customers, track their statuses, send reminders for outstanding payments, and collect payments seamlessly. It also offer seamless integration with payment gateways. This integration will automate invoice payments, providing a convenient and efficient way for your customers and merchants to complete transactions. Stay tuned for its release, as it will be available soon to enhance your billing and invoicing processes.


February 2024

Welcome to the release notes for February 2024. The WooDelivery product team is dedicated to constantly improving our platform, rolling out updates that range from minor tweaks to significant overhauls. Here, we aim to share insights into the continuous enhancements we’re making to better serve you.

1. New Flexible Reschedule Hub

This month, we’ve introduced a new innovative feature that enhances customer satisfaction by providing them with the flexibility to reschedule their delivery dates, update delivery addresses, or choose self-pickup options directly from the tracking page. It also facilitates seamless communication between customers and the dispatch team through real-time notifications, ensuring a smooth and adaptable delivery process.

This feature has a wide range of applications. For example, in case a delivery attempt is unsuccessful, it allows customers to choose another day for re-delivery that suits their schedule or to opt for self-collection of their parcel at your store. Similarly, upon placing a new order, customers can use this feature to confirm or update their delivery address via the customer tracking page.

2. Business Working Days Update

We’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to define the weekly business working days, enhancing the booking and rescheduling experience for your customers on web forms and the tracking page. Now, you can select your business’s weekly working days and additionally mark holidays or days when the business is closed. These dates will be blocked out on the calendar, ensuring customers cannot book or reschedule pickups or deliveries for those times.

3. Edit Completed Task

Previously, once tasks were completed, they could no longer be edited, with users only being able to modify certain Proof of Delivery information. In response to customer feedback, we’ve now enabled administrators to edit completed tasks up to 7 days after completion. This update provides flexibility for necessary updates to the completed task form such as external ID, custom fields, or other information related to a completed task.


January 2024

Welcome to the January 2024 release. We’re forever inspired by your growth and thankful for your loyalty to our solutions. There are many updates in this month that we hope you’ll like, some of the key highlights include:

1. Link Custom Booking Forms to Merchant

In our recent update, it allows seamless linking of custom booking forms directly to merchant accounts. With this enhancement, any tasks generated through these linked forms will be automatically allocated to the designated merchant. Furthermore, these linked forms will be prominently displayed on the merchant’s dashboard, simplifying the process for merchants to either book directly or share the form with their customers for easy access.

2. Enhanced Security with User Activity Logs

In our ongoing commitment to enhance the security of our platform, we are excited to introduce audit logs for user activity. Some user activity logs are accessible within the application and can be reviewed by administrators or the users themselves. This feature aims to safeguard user accounts from unauthorized access and provide a detailed history of changes made to user accounts.

3. Enhanced Customization for Customer Tracking Page

We’re delighted to announce the addition of new customization options for customer tracking pages. With this update, you have the flexibility to display either your business name or merchant name on the tracking page. Additionally, you can choose to show various IDs, such as the task ID, or external IDs like your order number or invoice number, providing a more tailored tracking experience for your customers.

December 2023

As 2023 comes to the end, we’re excited to announce our final update of the year, packed with a few system enhancements and key security improvements. Your continuous growth and unwavering loyalty to our solutions inspire us every day. Let’s celebrate our collective achievements and look forward to an even more promising 2024. Keep an eye out for upcoming updates. Here’s to a bright future together – see you in 2024!

1. Advanced Security Through Two-Factor Authentication

In our latest update, we have bolstered the security of our applications by introducing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to all our web applications and mobile apps. Dispatchers, drivers, and merchants can activate 2FA to add an extra layer of protection to their user accounts, safeguarding them against unauthorized access. With 2FA enabled, logging into the system requires not only your password but also a six-digit verification code. This code is sent to your registered email, mobile phone, or through an authenticator app, ensuring that only you can access your account. This security feature is essential for applications that contain customer data.

2. Enhanced User Administration Capabilities

We are excited to added enhanced features for administrators in managing user accounts. Acknowledging the feedback regarding challenges in password resetting, we have now implemented new features. Administrators are empowered to modify usernames, reset passwords, disable 2FA, and block or unblock user accounts, all accessible via the user admin page. Additionally, we ensure transparent communication by automatically sending notification emails to users whenever their account details or passwords are updated by an administrator.

3. Expanded SMS Gateway Integration Options

We’re pleased to announce that our automated notification system now supports integration with a wider range of third-party SMS gateway providers. This update includes compatibility with popular services like Twilio, Plivo, and ClickSend, providing you with more flexibility in selecting your preferred text message provider. Moreover, for those using different SMS gateways that support HTTP Get or Post methods, our webhook system allows seamless connection of your SMS account for automated text message sending.

4. Notification Customization Based on Task Creation Source

We are excited to introduce a enhancement to our automated email and text message notification system. Users can now create custom notification rules based on the source of task creation. This update is particularly useful for those who generate tasks from various sources and require distinct notification templates. For instance, you can set up unique email notifications for tasks creating from the web booking forms. Additionally, this feature extends to our webhook system, allowing you to created specialized webhook messages tailored to specific ordering platforms.


November 2023

Welcome to the November 2023 release notes. There are many updates in this month that we hope you’ll like, some of the key highlights include:

1. Enhanced Custom Field Flexibility in Task Management

Several updates have been made to the custom fields on task. Users can now define the custom field type, including options like text, numbers, drop-down lists, and other field types. Furthermore, users have the option to make custom fields mandatory. These enhancements provide users with the flexibility to create custom fields, such as a payment option drop-down list. If you need more dynamic custom fields or different custom fields for different tasks, you may still want to consider using our custom task form module.

2. Multiple Printing Copies for Shipping Labels

In our latest update, you now have the ability to print multiple shipping labels per task. Each shipping label displays a unique ID number. This feature proves highly beneficial when you need to ship multiple packages to the same address, each package requiring its individual shipping label. You have two options for specifying the number of labels the system will generate. First option, you can utilize the task’s capacity number field to define the number of print copies. Alternatively, you can base the print copies on the number of items or packages associated with the task.

3. Enhanced Webhook Configuration and Payload Options

We’ve undergone a comprehensive overhaul and improvement of our webhook system, which serves as a critical component for sending real-time data to third-party systems. For instance, when a driver completes a task within the app, the webhook can transmit data to your ordering system to update the order status to completed. In our latest update, we’ve introduced a new interface for configuring webhooks. Furthermore, we’ve empowered users with the capability to create webhooks that can transmit payloads containing complete task attributes, simplifying custom integrations. Additionally, you can still generate custom payload data using AnyTask tags as needed.


October 2023

We are thrilled to usher in the month of October with an exciting addition to our delivery management platform that promises to revolutionize collaboration and communication within your organization. Say hello to the all-new Team Chat module!

This new feature brings together dispatchers, drivers, and merchants, providing them with a unified platform for real-time, in-app conversations, instant messaging, sharing photos, and effortless message broadcasting. Whether you’re on the road or at your desk, Team Chat ensures that you can connect, collaborate, and coordinate with your colleagues effortlessly.

We recognize that privacy and communication preferences vary from one organization to another. Therefore, we provide a wide range of settings to customize your Team Chat experience:

Direct Communication: You have the flexibility to choose whether to allow direct communication and display contact lists between drivers and merchants or between dispatchers and merchants. You can also opt to disable direct connections between drivers.

Group Chat: You can use the group chat feature to select specific team members or merchants and bring them into a single group for discussion and broadcasting messages. This ensures that you have full control over who can communicate with whom. You can easily delete a group, effectively stopping any ongoing connections within drivers and merchants.

September 2023

Welcome to the September 2023 release. We are dedicated to continually improving your experience with our platform, and we hope you find this addition a valuable asset to your operations. There are many updates and fixes in this month that we hope you’ll like, some of the key highlights include:

1. Revamped Task Self-Assignment

In our recent app update, we’ve introduced a user-friendly interface enhancement. Drivers can now access this feature by tapping the task filter located at the top-left corner of the “Map” screen and selecting the “Unassigned Tasks” option. Once selected, they can click on a marker on the map to view the task details and assign it to themselves with a simple click on the Accept button.

For a more organized view, drivers also have the option to switch to a list format using the “Show as List” button at the top. We’ve also incorporated additional improvements, such as the inclusion of service categories and estimated travel distances between pickup and delivery locations in the unassigned tasks view. This streamlined and user-friendly process enables drivers to efficiently manage their workload while enhancing task distribution within your organization.

2. Custom Font Support for Shipping Labels and Delivery Dockets

Our system now supports custom fonts for your shipping labels and delivery dockets. With this feature, you can choose a Google Font of your preference and link it to your shipping labels and delivery dockets. This not only allows for greater customization but also improves the overall experience for customers using different languages.


August 2023

Our system undergoes weekly updates, ensuring its continued improvement. There are many enhancements and updates in this version, and our platform is always getting better and easier to use. We’re excited to share with you some new features released this month:

1. Optimizing Routes with Capacity Restrictions

Now, our route optimization module takes into account the unique capacity requirements of every pickup and delivery task, as well as the specified maximum capacity of each driver-vehicle. This enhancement addresses the critical challenge of optimizing routes to minimize costs while ensuring that the driver-vehicles never exceed their maximum capacity limits. This means you can now optimize your routes with precision, delivering the best service while adhering to your vehicle capacity constraints.

To take advantage of this powerful feature, simply activate the Capacity Management addon. When creating routes through the dispatcher portal, make sure to enable the vehicle capacity constraints before initiating the route optimization process. By doing so, the system will thoroughly evaluate both the driver-vehicle capacity and the required capacity for each pickup and delivery task.


2. Scanning Barcodes using a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

The integration of a barcode scanner is a pivotal component within enterprise logistics operations. Our mobile apps have already supported barcode and QR code scanning capabilities, leveraging the phone’s camera. For instance, you could scan QR codes on packages to mark tasks as loaded and picked up.

Now, you have the option to seamlessly incorporate the WooDelivery Apps with either a Bluetooth barcode scanner or a handheld scanner, thereby significantly enhancing workflow efficiency. The hardware-based barcode scanner is exceptionally swift, taking less than one second to capture a barcode or QR code, surpassing the speed of bulk scanning using the phone’s camera.

This barcode scanner integration is accessible through the Load Vehicle and Bulk Scanning Update modules in the latest version of our mobile apps. After pairing the barcode scanner with your mobile device, navigate to the Load Vehicle or Bulk Scanning Update page within the app. From there, simply scan the barcodes or QR codes on the packages, and our mobile app will promptly capture and recognize them.



July 2023

In this month our team are working diligently to finalize the new Team Chat module, allowing dispatchers, drivers, and merchants to engage in real-time in-app chat, instant communication, and broadcasting message through both mobile apps and the web dashboard. The upcoming feature will be made available for public use in the near future. Furthermore, we have been diligently enhancing our system to provide you with an even better experience, some of the key highlights include:

1. Improved Search Functionality for Tasks

Now you can search for tasks within specific time periods and view the results in various formats, such as Task List, Items/Packages, Attachments, and Custom Task Form. These enhancements offer immense utility across a wide range of use cases. For instance, you can now effortlessly find packages assigned to a driver across multiple tasks. Additionally, searching for specific custom fields and task forms within completed tasks is now a breeze. And to top it off, you have the option to conveniently export the search results to an Excel file for further analysis.

2. Expanded Custom Fields for Tasks and Products

For tasks, we’ve increased the number of fixed custom fields from 3 to 5, allowing you to input additional essential information. If your business requires even more fields, our task form feature enables you to create unlimited custom fields to precisely capture the information you need. Similarly, we’ve added 5 customizable fields to the product/package level, enabling you to define pertinent details such as Unit of Measure (UOM) and expiry dates. This functionality ensures that your product information is comprehensive and relevant to your unique business requirements.

3. Task Assignment Mode for Dispatchers

Administrator can now choose their preferred task assignment mode for dispatchers, providing more flexibility and customization to suit different operational needs. This option can be set on the Settings – Mobile app page. In the notification-based assignment mode, the driver receives alerts about new tasks and can choose to accept or decline them. However, in the force-assignment mode, tasks are assigned to a driver who is obligated to complete the job.

4. Streamlined Merchant Notifications with Automation

Now you can effortlessly set up automated email or SMS notifications for merchants at any stage of the delivery process. With this enhancement, you can keep your merchants informed and engaged throughout the entire order journey. For instance, you can now configure the notification system to send a real-time text message to the merchant as soon as their order delivery is completed by one of your drivers.

5. Efficiently Import Tasks with Product Information

You can now import tasks along with product information directly from a spreadsheet. The new feature includes additional mapping columns that enable users to seamlessly create multiple tasks, complete with their respective product details, all in one go. Gone are the days of manual product data entry for each task – our bulk import functionality streamlines the process and saves you valuable time.


June 2023

Welcome to the June 2023 release notes, where we strive to ensure that our software remains cutting-edge and user-friendly. This month, we bring you a variety of updates, including enhancements to the Task page, Analytics & Reporting, Account Setup Wizard, Google Review collection, and much more.

1. Analytics & Reporting Enhancements

We have introduced new filters that allow you to create custom reports based on specific combinations. Now, you can easily generate reports based on task types, team, merchant, and individual driver data. Gain valuable insights into team productivity, monitor merchant performance, and assess individual driver efficiency, all with just a few clicks. These updates bring added flexibility and insights to your data analysis.

2. Automated Google Review Collection

The new Feedback Collection module offers seamless integration with Google Review, enabling you to capture more positive reviews from your satisfied customers. Once enabled, customers will be asked to provide a rating and review on the private feedback form. If a customer leaves a 5-star review, they will then be prompted to leave a Google Review. They will be directed to your business’s Google review link to complete the process.

3. Account Setup Wizard

There are over 50 add-ons and handreds of customization options on WooDelivery. To make the onboarding experience seamless and hassle-free, we have introduced a new Account Setup Wizard. This intuitive wizard has been meticulously designed to guide new users through a step-by-step process, ensuring a smooth setup of their new accounts. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to simplicity as you embark on your journey with WooDelivery.

4. Cash on Delivery Report

Introducing the enhanced Cash on Delivery report, designed to streamline your tracking process. Now, you can effortlessly monitor the exact COD amount that needs to be collected and compare it with the COD amount actually collected by your drivers. This feature simplifies the task of determining the precise amount you need to collect from your drivers.



May 2023

We are thrilled to add more powerful features to our software suite to enhance your experience and optimize your operations. In this month’s release, we are introducing four exciting additions to our platform: App Customization with List View & Card View, Route Geometry & Location History, Shipping Label Enhancements, and the Merchant Integration Hub.

1. App Customization: List View & Card View

We are excited to introduce a new feature that allows users to personalize the task list layout on our three mobile apps. With this update, you have the flexibility to choose between two distinct views: List View and Card View, catering to different business needs.

List View offers a condensed list format, presenting all tasks in a streamlined manner. This view is particularly suitable for most scheduled delivery businesses, providing a clear and efficient overview of tasks.

The new Card View offers a more comprehensive display, showcasing additional information such as descriptions, status, and external IDs for each task. This view conveniently groups multiple linked pickup and delivery tasks into a single card, optimizing the experience for pickup and delivery businesses and field service businesses. It also enforces a sequential workflow for your drivers. Drivers are required to complete the pickup task associated with a card before they can proceed to the linked delivery tasks.

In addition to user customization, we have also empowered administrators with greater control over the task list layout for their drivers. Admins now have the ability to enforce a specific layout for all drivers under their management. This ensures consistency and alignment with the business requirements.

2. Route Geometry & Location History

We are excited to announce an enhancement to our route optimization feature, providing users with a more comprehensive view of their planned routes. Now, both our web portal and mobile apps will display detailed route geometry and direction lines, allowing you to visualize the planned route effectively.

Moreover, we have introduced a new location history feature that enables managers to access valuable information about a driver’s recent location history and route log directly on the map. When viewing a driver’s profile, you will notice the planned route displayed in blue, providing a clear visualization of the intended path. Additionally, the actual route taken by the driver will be depicted in red, allowing you to compare it with the planned route. For further insights, you can click on any location point along the route to view the corresponding vehicle speed and location log time.

3. Shipping Label Enhancements

We understand that many of our customers have a need for their drivers to print shipping labels or order receipts while on the go. To address this requirement in a cost-effective manner, we have introduced support for Bluetooth receipt or ticket printers.

Our latest optimization focuses on the compatibility of our shipping labels with rolling paper commonly used in receipt or ticket printers. We have also added a new feature that enables the inclusion of a product list on the shipping label.

4. Merchant Integration Hub

Our multi-merchant platform enables you to effortlessly onboard both your customers and merchants. We are excited to announce that we have streamlined and simplified the process of integrating merchants into our system, making it even more convenient for you.

To initiate the merchant integration, you can now create an API key directly from the admin dashboard’s Settings – Integration page. Once created, you can easily assign this API key to the respective merchant. Upon receiving the assigned API key, the merchant can access it directly from their merchant portal. This eliminates any confusion or hassle and provides them with immediate access to the necessary integration resources.

We have provided a comprehensive list of integration setup guides on merchant portal. These guides offer step-by-step instructions on utilizing the API key to establish seamless integration and synchronize orders seamlessly from their website or system to your account.

April 2023

Welcome to the April 2023 release notes. There are many updates in this version that we hope you’ll like, some of the key highlights include:

1. New Route Optimization Engine

We have deployed a new Route Optimization Engine this month. It is designed to optimize route planning for your delivery needs, making your delivery services more efficient and cost-effective. Our new Route Optimization Engine is 3 times faster than the previous version, making it much quicker to generate optimized routes. It allows for improved multi-vehicle optimization, meaning you can now create optimal routes for up to 2,000 addresses and auto-allocate tasks to up to 200 vehicles in one go. We have also added feature to auto-allocate tasks to your team members according to their working hours, making it easier to manage your workforce and increase efficiency. Additionally, we will be introducing new features in the coming months to further improve the route optimization services.


2. Merchant Signup and Approval

The new merchant signup form and approval system allows your customers to sign up and become merchants on your account in a streamlined and user-friendly manner. It is designed to enhance the merchant onboarding experience. You can put the merchant signup form on your website or share it with your potential customers. Once a customer submits a merchant signup form, you can simply approve or decline their registration on the admin dashboard. This helps to simplify the process of adding new merchants, which can be especially useful if you are running a large marketplace business.


3. Noticeboard on Tracking Page

This new feature allows you to add a noticeboard message to the customer tracking page. It can show additional information to your customers, such as your company phone number, opening hours, or any other custom message you would like to share. This can help improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

4. Auto-return Failed Tasks

With this feature, you will no longer need to manually return failed tasks after an unsuccessful delivery attempt. Once a driver marks a task as failed on their app, the system will automatically change the task status to returned. As a result, the task will be removed from the active task list, reducing the clutter and enabling your team to focus on their remaining tasks.


March 2023

Welcome to the release notes for our latest product update! There are many changes and enhancements in March, and our platform is always getting better and easier to use. We’re excited to share with you some new features released this month:

1. Bulk Scanning Update

Introducing the new bulk scanning and update module, a powerful tool used by dispatch and warehouse personnel to manage their parcel inventory efficiently. This module enables users to scan barcodes or QR codes on multiple parcels at once and perform bulk actions, such as updating task status, assigning tasks to drivers, or updating task details. By reducing manual processes and increasing automation, this module can help companies save time, reduce errors, and improve overall productivity.

2. Geo-fence Map Overlays

Now you can add multiple geo-fence overlays to your map. With this new functionality, you can easily customize your map by dividing it into different regions and zones based on your business needs. This feature enables you to group your delivery and pickup tasks by location/region and assign them to the most suitable driver. You can click on a geo-fence zone to select all tasks that lies in it. Then create an optimal route for all selected tasks or simply assign them to a driver.


February 2023

Welcome to the February product updates. As of this month, the brand-new vehicle management and safety inspection modules are available for public preview.

1. Vehicle Management

We are happy to introduce the new Vehicle Management module. Vehicles are the heart of delivery management business. Our new vehicle management module allows your team to manage and track everything with your vehicles, assign vehicles to your drivers easily, set reminders for service and registration renew, manage issues and defects, track odometer logs, fuel usage, on-road expenses, complete pre-delivery inspections and more.


2. Inspection & Checklist

The new Inspection & Checklist module is available for public preview. Safety sits at the core of every business. Inspection forms can be used for vehicle inspections, but they can also be used to collect information for form-related processes, such as documenting accident damage or general vehicle check-ins. You can add new inspection form from our public library in seconds or build your own form and checklist from scratch.


3. Delivery Docket Enhancements

Delivery docket is a PDF formatted document that includes the detailed information about your task, such as recipient details, task description, service pricing, product list. With the recent updates, you can now add sign-off sheet, QR code for tracking, barcode for scanning, custom forms to the delivery docket.


4. Mandatory Delivery Notes

Now you can force drivers to include notes as proof of delivery (POD). This is very helpful if you want to collect additional information or feedbacks from your drivers for each task.




January 2023

Welcome to the January 2023 release. There are many updates in this month that we hope you’ll like, some of the key highlights include:

1. New Drivers Run Sheet

Now, dispatchers can print drivers run sheets for optimized routes on the [Map] page – [Drivers] tab. A drivers run sheet is a PDF form that contains a list of the tasks/consignments going with a single driver. It sorts all assigned tasks by route sequence number in an ascending order.


Administrators can activate the Run Sheet module on the Extensions page and configure the system to show optional columns on the run sheet.


2. Show Vehicle Details on Live Tracking Page

We added a new option to show the driver’s vehicle description and plate number on the tracking page. You can manage driver’s vehicle information on the User Profile page.


3. Assign Merchants to Team

We are happy to announce that merchants can be assigned to a team now. Teams make it easy to group drivers, merchants and tasks by geographic area or operational unit. Each team can manage their own merchant list. When a merchant account is assigned to a team, all the tasks created by this merchant will be assigned to the linked team automatically. Additionally, with this new feature, you can link a merchant to a group of drivers on the auto-assignment module now.


4. Auto-Assign Drivers by Team

We added the ability to auto-assign tasks to a driver by team. When this option is enabled, it will automatically check which team the task is assigned to, and drivers who are linked to this team will receive the notification of new tasks.

For example, a new task is assigned to the Red team but has not been assigned to a driver yet. When auto-assigning this task, only drivers in the Red team will receive the push notification.




December 2022 

2022 is wrapped up with a final release of Return Managemen module. We can’t wait to share 2023 with you. The new Vehicle Management and Saftey Inspection Form modules will be available early 2023. We’re forever inspired by your growth and thankful for your loyalty to our solutions!

1. New Return Management Module

We are happy to introduce the new Return Management module. It enhances the speed and convenience of your return service will help you improve customer service and make your business more profitable. You may return an unsuccessful delivery back to the sender in the courier business or return shoes that didn’t fit from your customers in the e-commerce industry.


2. Task Assignment Monitor

Auto-assign feature helps to assign drivers for a task automatically. Now, dispatchers can monitor the automated task assignment progress in the real time. It shows details of push notification that are sent to all available drivers and response from each driver.




November 2022

Welcome to the November 2022 release. There are many updates in this month that we hope you’ll like, some of the key highlights include:

1. Capacity Management

We are happy to introduce the Capacity Management addon. It allows you to manage task assignments according to driver-vehicle capacity. Every task will have a capacity number (quantity, weight, etc.) which can be defined while creating the task. It helps to solve the problem with the assignment of tasks to drivers with-in their capacity limits. For example, if you have two drivers A and B with capacity of 50 and 100 respectively. If you create a task with capacity of 60 then the auto-assign will check task capacity against all available drivers. Task will be notified to driver B as he has sufficient capacity to complete the task.


2. Load Vehicle – Set Package Place

We find ways to make the lives of drivers easier. This new feature allows drivers to set package place in the vehicle: whether your packages are in the front of your vehicle or anywhere. It will help driver to fetch each delivery in seconds. This feature can be turned on the Settings – Mobile App page. Your drivers will have the options to set package place when loading packages to their vehicle.


3. Force Driver Online/Offline

Now dispatchers and admins can remotely request a driver to go online or force a driver to go offline. This can be controlled easily on the Users page.


4. Automated Task Assignment

We have now added 2 new parameter settings to the automated task assignment. You can set a maximum radial distance from dispatch location to auto-assign new tasks to the drivers near the pickup/sender’s location. Additionally, now you can set a maximum number of tasks limit for each driver based on their vehicle capacity. New tasks will be auto assigned to drivers satisfying sufficient capacity criteria.


5. Background Location & Distance Tracking

A few weeks ago, we started working on the new framework of GPS location tracking. Up until now, we have fixed some live tracking issues due to the disabled location permission on driver’s phone. To allow WooDelivery to accurately track a driver’s location, now we ask that drivers enable “Always Allow” location permission every time when they go online. We have also re-developed the travelled distance tracker to improve the data accuracy. In addition, we have been developing the route replay feature to show your driver’s location history on a map view.




October 2022

Each month WooDelivery team continue to roll out updates. We have been constantly improving our software along the way based on our roadmap and user feedbacks. In the past few weeks, we have added quite a few new features and enhancements. Some of these recent updates on admin dashboard include:

1. Bulk Task Importer

The new task import tool is a powerful way to get a large amount of delivery information into your dashboard with a single batched action. You can upload an excel, csv or tab-delimited text file with any set of columns as long as it has column headers on the first row. The system asks you to match your spreadsheet columns to the right data fields (it will auto-map data fields for you in most of the time). You’ll be able to clean up or remove any corrupted data before submitting your data.


2. API Key Management

API key is used for authenticating a calling program to access your WooDelivery account on integration. We have added the capability to restrict API key access permissions. It limits which API endpoints the key can access. Additionally, you can link API key to a merchant account if it is used by a specific merchant/customer to access their data only.


3. Shipping Label Enhancements

WooDelivery allows you to customize your shipping labels to suit your needs. We have added various new options that you can switch on for your shipping label: Zone and routing sequence display; Task description display; Support new linear barcodes; Customizable paper/label size, and more.


4. Map Page Enhancements

With the new popup menu on the Driver tab, it is easy for users to print shipping label and delivery docket by driver, or transfer tasks to a new driver. Users can also drag & drop on the routing sequence number to sort driver’s run manually.


5. Automated Task Assignment

WooDelivery is the easiest way to automate your deliveries. The new Shortest Route option will auto-assign the task to the driver who, upon assignment of the new task, will have the shortest total distance to travel. It calculates the distance from the available driver’s last-known location and the distance from the driver’s active tasks in a route. This method will assign the linked tasks to the same driver.